The strengths of UACJ Trading

We offer strong support to product manufacturers with our unique material procuring and processing network.

We are expanding our business activities inside and outside Japan. We are a trading
company that handles non-ferrous metals, mainly aluminum and copper but also other
materials, and products made by processing them.
Our coordination allows our customers to enjoy both procurement efficiency and cost
reduction. We provide other great advantages, including consultations on ways to
improve product quality by identifying the optimum materials, and how to shorten the
development period for a new product.

An extensive network for procuring materials,
processing them,
and distributing them

We have a wide level of associations with materials manufactures inside and outside Japan, this is not limited solely to UACJ Group member plants.We can provide the best product to suit each customer's specific need.Moreover, because our network extends to many processing plants and business-related entities inside and outside Japan, we can offer processed items and provide our procurement and logistic services to obtain them.In adding to the standard ranks of suppliers, we can identify and coordinate with new supply sources.

Years of experience and know-how in
international trade

If at all possible, we meet our customers' needs from sources near them.This principle has led us to expand our overseas business bases, following our customers' advancing waves across the globe.We have established quite a number of overseas sales bases, starting with 7 points in China, and other bases in South-East Asia, the USA and Europe. We have many more bases than other trading companies specializing in non-ferrous metals.
As we said above, we respond in precise detail to our customers' requirements.At these sites, our staff can cope with all the complexities that arise in this business: regular export and import operations, local procurements, direct distribution of products from one place to another (whether inside or outside Japan), and various trade formalities that require highly experienced knowhow.

Sales Offices Bangkok, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Dalian, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Prague, California, Chicago, Novi
Processing Plants Kunshan

We can give strong support to our customers in their development of new products under technical support from the UACJ Group Laboratories.

The UACJ Group has extended its own unique development and design capabilities, and supplies its own high-value-added products. We collaborate with the UACJ Technical Development Laboratory to upgrade products and develop new products.We develop the optimum product by repeating the design, prototype production and testing cycle, using materials with different characteristics for each iteration.We are particularly proud of being steps ahead of the competition in the field of using aluminum for lighter weight products. These are especially important when it comes to developing components that provide energy- and manpower-savings.

Osaka Head Office 06-6201-1430

Sumitomo-building. 4-7-28, Kitahama,
chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan

Tokyo Head Office 03-3434-8621

Sumitomo Higashi-Shimbashi Bldg. 9th floor, 10-14,
1-chome, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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