Products handled

Examples of processed materials

We can press, bend, squeeze, cut, weld, and coat our raw materials and components using our affiliated plants.In addition, we can produce parts and prototypes according to the customer's need, in collaboration with these associated plants.We can suggest other raw materials and processing methods for your end products that will improve their quality and reduce your cost.



Processing components using machining centers and NC lathes.

Shearing (die cutting, drilling, cutting), bending, and drawing

Surface treatment


Aluminum anodizing, plating (zinc, silver, nickel), coating (powder coating, fluorine coating) and others (chromate formation, passivation)

Welding (TIG, MIG, laser), riveting, brazing, and others (pressure welding, spot welding, etc.)


Blanket supply of parts required for a system

Taking the advantage of trading company specialized in raw materials, we offer blanket service of manufacturing items including to provide raw materials to subcontractors until inspection of the manufactured items there.

Short delivery of prototype parts

We can supply prototype parts promptly thanks to cooperation system with lots of subcontractors.

Proposals (alt. suggestions) for another raw materials and processing methods

Beside proposals for another raw materials to decrease cost, we also propose the best processing method.

Introduces some of the products

Aluminum anodizing
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