Products handled

Food-processing and other related industries

In other food-related and other industries,our raw materials are used for daily use beverage cans and caps, as well as water purifiers filter, and package for pharmaceutical.



Aluminum cans, drink bottle caps, formed resin components with filters for water purifiers, and so on

Aluminum foil for packaging medical drugs, PS plates for printing, members for industrial plant facilities, ground metals for various purposes, and others

Introduces some of the products

Aluminum can
Drink bottle caps
Packaging foil for medicine

We supply aluminum suitable for manufacturing cans, which is stable during shaping, yields molding efficiency, improves yield, and enhances strength under pressure.

By improving the chemical composition of the raw materials and manufacturing conditions, we have been able to increase the strength of the caps and reduce their size and weight.We supply the best raw materials for your specified caps, whether screw-on or crimp-on types.

We also supply foils for packaging pharmaceuticals, which require high quality and exceptional stability.

Printing plates (PS plates)
Plant facilities
Ground metal

We supply strong aluminum plates with excellent surface quality for the PS plates that get mounted on printing machines.

We supply various products from components of residential houses, up to construction components for industrial plant facilities.

We also handle various ground metals that are needed for manufacturing.

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