Products handled

Transportation industry

Our versatile materials are employed in transportation equipment such as automobiles, railway cars, and aircraft.



Aluminum components for hybrid vehicles, for doors, for wheels, panel materials, castings, forged materials, and on and on

Air springs for railway cars, heat pipe type heat exchangers, brazing heat sinks, aluminum plates, extruded materials, casting, forged materials, and lots more.

Ocean-going vessels


Structural material for vessels, aluminum fittings for LNG vessels, and more

Duraluminium AL bars, for the engine cooler, aircraft structural materials, aluminum containers, and other

Introduces some of the products

Aluminum double tubing for automobile air conditioners
Railway car parts
Insulator covers for bullet trains (like the Shinkansen)

We offer various kinds of products including automotive air conditioning parts, door materials, engine parts, and lithium-ion battery materials.

We supply various materials and parts for railway cars including formed materials for car bodies, aluminum plates, and air springs.

Our products are employed in various ways to make Shinkansen engines and cars.

Vessel structural materials
Coolers for aircraft engines
Aluminum wheels

5083 and 5052 Al-Mg alloys are often used to make hulls and parts for ocean-going vessels, because they are easy to process and weld.

Materials that we supply are also used to make engine coolers for airplanes.Our materials meet the stringent requirements imposed on aircraft manufacturers.

5000 and 6000 series alloys offer excellent strength and corrosion resistance. They are often used for pressing processes such as forming aluminum wheels.

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