Products handled

IT and communication

Our raw materials contribute to light weight of housings for laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

IT-related equipment

Mobile phone related items

Housings for laptops computers and tablets, aluminum plates for PC boards, and others

Mobile phone cases, lithium-ion battery cases, MID PC boards, and so on

Broadcasting and communications equipment

Radio relay components, parabolic antennas, heat sinks, die-cast parts for CVTVs, and others

Introduces some of the products

Housing for PC and tablet
Housing for heat resitatant smart phone
Battery cases

Aluminum alloy plates are Lightweight, easy to process , and present good appearance. They are used for frames and bodies of IT equipment.

Lightweight and strong aluminum alloy is used for smart phone and tablet cases.

Aluminum battery cases are less likely to be weakened by stress or heat loads from electric discharge, and have good welding performance.We provide the optimum material for this purpose.

Heat sinks
Aluminum cast housings

Heat sinks of various types, sizes, and applications are available to manufacture, such as for electronic equipment, automobile, rail way cars, and industrial plants.

We supply resin material for making MID boards for smart phones.

Lightweight and sturdy die cast housings are used for cable TV facility equipment.

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