Products handled

We provide raw aluminum and copper materials and products made from these materials.

In association with UACJ Group companies and other cooperating plants, we provide aluminum and copper foil, sheet and plate, extruded products, castings and casting products, and copper products. We can meet your needs for special sized items, and materials with specific features, as well as standard items.
We also handle processed parts made from these materials.

Raw materials


Aluminum is widely used in consumer products like home appliances, automobiles, and in aircraft.We can meet your need for aluminum in various forms, such as plate, extruded parts, foil, and cast and forged items.


Copper is used for residential and office environmental equipment, such as air conditioning and refrigeration, pipes for heat exchangers in food-processing facilities, and plumbing parts, such as heat-insulating sheathed pipes, joints, and valves.

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Other materials

We can also meet other of our customers’ diverse needs for such items as stainless steel and magnesium alloys.Consult us for other needs, including resin and other raw materials.

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Industries Served

Electrical and machine industries

In the electrical and machine industries, our raw materials are used in AV equipment and copy machines, as well as environmental products such as LEDs and solar panel.

IT and communication

In the IT and communication fields, our raw materials are used to make the cases for laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. The use of these materials helps lighten the products.

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Transportation industry

In the transportation industry, aluminum and its alloys are evaluated their strength and lightness. They are used for transportation industries such as automobiles,rail ways, and air crafts.

Construction industry

In the construction field, our aluminum is used to make window frames, door fittings, and seismic isolation materials for buildings and houses, among many other things.

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Food-processing and other related industries

In food-processing and related industries our raw materials are used to make disposable beverage cans and caps, as well as water purifier filters and packaging materials for pharmaceutical products.

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Examples of processed materials

We can process our raw materials to pressing, bending, cutting, welding, and painting using our tied up plants.In addition, we can produce pats and prototypes according to customer's need, under collaboration with our cooperative plants.Further, we positively propose raw materials and processing method for customers' end products that will bring quality improvement and cost reduction of them.

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Overseas logistical services

The UACJ Group companies are expanding their sales offices in China, other Asian countries, the USA, Oceania, and Europe. In addition, we have developed a detailed overseas network based on the sales points of local entities.In addition to assisting trade between Japan and overseas companies, we also arrange for direct trade between entities in nations outside Japan. This enables us to support our customers in the most effective manner from a truly global perspective as they develop their businesses.

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